Things to Consider for Planning Journey towards Mount Kailash

In the remote areas of Tibet, the pristine Mount. Kailash dominates the entire region. Mount. Kailash is a Holy Abode of Lord Shiva and the sacred place for Hindus, Jains and Buddhist. Every year thousands of pilgrims circumambulate this Holy Mountain in order to beatify themselves. The celestial beauty of Mount Kailash is not the only thing that attracts pilgrims, but it is the best way for achieving intense spiritual purification.

If you are planning to circumambulate Mount Kailash, then all you need is to pre-plan your trip for making it pleasing and a successful one. Hereby, I am listing some of the most important things that you need to consider before travelling towards Holy Mount. Kailash.

Things to be considered before travelling towards Mount Kailash.

Time and Location: this is the foremost thing that you need to decide for planning your trip. Pilgrims are not allowed to perform this Holy journey throughout the year, due to ultimate climatic conditions. Also, Mount Kailash is situated in the Tibetan Plataea which is conquered by China. So it becomes a foreign ministry affair for organizing Kailash Mansarovar Yatra every year. And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed circumambulating Mount Kailash once a year and in the months of July, August and September. Thus, you need to book your tickets in advance towards Delhi and then Kathmandu for beginning your Yatra.

Mode of Transportation: for travelling towards Mount Kailash, all you need is to select the route before booking your tickets. There are two ways for reaching Mount Kailash. One way is to perform this journey by walking and second is taking help of automobiles and other means of transportation. The mode of transportation completely depends on your mental and physical conditions that what’s your mind and body will accept. Generally seniors are not able to perform pedestal journey, so they usually opt for different means of transportation.

Yatra through Helicopter: this is the newest trend running these days. Because of the massive earth quake hits Nepal this year, majority of the landscape destroyed and pilgrims are not allowed to perform pedestal journey. In this situation, helicopters are the best means of transportation for thousands of pilgrims and helping them to complete their journey safely. If you are planning to perform Kailash Parikrama through helicopter, then you need to book your helicopter in advance. There are many tours and travels that are organizing helicopter Yatra for facilitating their travelers.

Acclimatization: climate is playing the biggest obstacle for performing this Holy journey. Struggling with the high altitude in extreme cold, pilgrims circumambulate Mount Kailash for attaining spiritual satisfaction and purification. In this extreme situation and hazardous terrains, many pilgrims gave up their efforts and unable to finish the journey. So, if you are not having enough guts for striving hard in the dangerous climatic conditions, then all you need is to pre-planned extra oxygen cylinders before beginning your journey or you need to drop the idea to circumambulate Holy Mountain.

Understanding the Route: before starting your Yatra, the most important thing you need to consider is the route. There are three routes for travelling towards Mount. Kailash. One is Lipulekh pass situated at Uttrakhand, second is Nathu la pass in Sikkim, and the third and best option is Delhi via Kathmandu via Dirapuk to Mount Kailash. All you need is to decide which route is the most suitable for you to travel.

Packing up: before leaving for Kailash Yatra, you also need to pack your bags with lots of woolen and winter clothes. As you are travelling towards high altitude, you may experience extreme cold and unforeseen circumstances that may disturb your journey. So all you need is to pack all the necessary stuff before leaving your home.

Cost: Last, but not least, you need to determine your financial budget before planning the journey. This Holy journey may cost you around 1.5 lac to 1.7 lac Indian Rupees excluding visa and other necessary charges. Also, you need to full your pockets for unnecessary spending. So, all you need is to have sufficient money for travelling towards Mount Kailash.

So, plan, pack your bags and leave home for experiencing the unforgettable journey towards Mount Kailash. It will be a life changing journey for you and your beloved ones.