Gauri Shankar trekking is known as challenging trekking, lies West of the Khumbu valley, northeast of Kathmandu in Nepal. This is famous valley for Cho Rolpa Glacier Lake (4540m), high route through Tashi Lapcha Pass (5755m) and its diverse culture. In Gauri Shankar trekking has less tourists, unique Himalayan culture and dramatic mountain views. This remote and relatively un-trekked region is ideal trekking for trekkers who is looking for something unique. few westerners have explored this untouched villages .Begin trek from a remote isolated area, traverses through sparsely populated areas near the Tibetan border. You can catch a glimpse of Sherpa Buddhism at Bigu Gompa 2500m, a monastery and a nunnery, a cultural highlight of this trek.

The most popular settlements in the valley are- Beding village and Na Gaun .Trekkers may spend a few days in the Rolwaling area ascending to the Na Yak Pastures at 4700m. Continue to stroll through rhododendron forests with stunning views of Mt. Gauri Shankar as the backdrop. This route has been used as an alternative-trading route. For a scenic highlight, you will climb to the look out point of alpine meadow at Tinshang Ri (3812m) to sneak a peak of Everest and it’s neighbouring peaks. this unforgettable journey in Barabise, only an hour near the Tibetan border.

12 Days Tour

DAY 1:

Arrival in Kathmandu.

DAY 2:

Kathmandu / Dolakha (1575m).

DAY 3:

Dolakha- Simagaon (1990m), 6/7 hrs

DAY 4:

Simagaon – Gyalche (3050m), 7 hrs

DAY 5:

Gyalche – Beding(3640m), 7 hrs

DAY 6:

Beding – Na Gaon (4200m), 6/7 hrs

DAY 7:

Na Gaon – Chorolpa – Na Gaon (4200m)

DAY 8:

Na Gaon – Beding

DAY 9:

Beding – Simigaun

DAY 10:

Simigaun – Singatel

DAY 11:

Singatel – Kathmandu

DAY 12: