The holy Parikrama of mount Kailash includes many dangerous treks. The one from Diraphuk to Zongzebru is considered to be such a tough trek. Usually one faces it on the very second day of the Kailash Parikrama. This trek is considered to be the toughest trek of the entire Kailash Parikrama. One has to cover 26 kilometres from Diraphuk to Zongzerbu and also cross the Dolma La Pass at an elevation of 19500 feet. It’s not only the highest altitude that makes the pass very tough one to cross; weather could change here at any moment, and this unpredictability of weather makes the trek all the more dangerous.
As one begins the ascent towards the Dolma La Pass in the background one can see the north-eastern face of Mount Kailash.

Dolma La is the Tibetan name of Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva believed to be residing at Mount Kailash. The pass can be treacherous if the weather is not favourable. It is said that one can cross the pass only if the goddess bestows her grace upon him/ her.

One is warned not to linger around for too long at this altitude for the air is very thin here. From Dolma la pass, one gets a very fine and marvellous view of Gaurikund down the pass.