Lhasa is a jewel of a destination if you are planning to visit Kailash. Potala Palace, the former residence of the Dalai Lama, is a major attraction of this place. You’ll also find numerous important temples and even the world’s highest brewery during your stay.

Lhasa is an administrative capital of Tibet Autonomous Region of China. The administrative borders of Chengguan District are roughly equivalent to the main suborns of Lhasa. It is a part of wider Lhasa city which has picturesque landscapes and beautiful scenery. Lhasa is an area which is formerly administered as a territory by Chinese Authorities.

The city is the second most populated city of Tibet region with a population of 4 lac and one of the highest cities reaching at an altitude of 3490 meters. The city holds the title of the main religious capital of Tibet along with the title of main administrative capital. Potala Palace, Norbulingka Palaces, Jokhang Temple are some of its major tourist’s attractions that you must need to visit.

Lhasa is considered as one of the 24 historical and cultural cities of China. With the splendid beauty of picturesque landscapes and mountains, Lhasa is gaining huge importance to the tourism industry. Right from Chinese and other major nations Lhasa has gained immense importance for not only the tourists but also for the pilgrims visiting Mount Kailash. The splendid Potala palace has become the main attraction of this immense beautiful city. The increasing importance of Potala palace has become the famous symbol of energy and power of politics and religion.

In Tibetan language, Lhasa symbolizes holy land or the land of Buddha. The city has remained the center of Tibet’s social, economic and cultural heritage. Being situated in the south central part of China, it is famous for its mountain-fringed valley that is situated on the North bank of the Kyichu River. This historic city has been settled around 1300 years ago covering a massive area of about 30 thousand square kilometers. It is having a population of 4 lac people amongst which 87 percent are Tibetans. The rural population is more than 50 percent of the actual population.

If you are planning to visit Lhasa as a tourist or if you are planning to stay at Lhasa while visiting Mount Kailash, the best period to enjoy your stay is between the months of March to October. As the city is located at high altitude, it is advisable to be prepared for dealing with extremely cold, windy and dry climate. The large temperature differences should help you to prevent thin and cool clothes. Moreover, the city is also the best place to receive the sunshine, so you also need to be prepared for sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen lotions and many other indispensable products during your stay.

You can reach Lhasa with the three two transportation systems that are by land through rail and roads and by air through the plane. Arriving at the city through the plane is time saving, but it is the most expensive way to visit the city. If you want to enjoy the fullest to the city, the only way you can accommodate is through roadways. You can easily take a bus that can be traveled through one of the five highways connected with the city.

Lhasa is the city with many difficulties to overcome. With its increasing tourism industry, it is a unique place to stay for your journey towards Mount Kailash.