On the Kathmandu route for Kailash-Mansarovar tour, Prayang falls between Saga and the holy Mansarovar. From Saga County, Prayang takes six to seven hours drive.

Prayang, situated at an altitude of 4700 metres, is considered to be the highest town in the world, and also the last village on the way to Mount Kailash. Earlier considered to be a deserted village, Prayang has been developed a lot along with the Tibetan tourism and economic development.

Prayang is located in the midst of lush green grasslands. The natural beauty of the town landscape is overwhelming. It is a typical small Tibetan town on the sides of whose streets there are many small shops, restaurants and hotels. It caters the tourists with all the essential services – along with lodging and food. Besides, there are houses on the top of which one would notice a yak head, which means that they offer an accommodation to the travellers. Almost all the hotels are motels here, with big courtyards. The restaurants mainly serve Tibetan food.

Sheesha Bangma guest house, Yak guest house, Parmarth guest house etc. are some options to stay at Prayang; there are many more as well. However, one on her way to Kailash-Mansarovar tour may have an acclimatization halt back at Nyalam only; so in Prayang it is not needed as such. Still, it is very good place to find rest and comfort with all essential things available. Besides, its natural beauty also may lure one have a halt over here.