Shrikhand Mahadev peak, located at an altitude of 5,155 meters resembles the Shivling. It is said that Lord Shiva meditated here and the Pandavas used to visit this peak. Devotees of Lord Shiva visit at the top of the mountain where there is a small shrine of Lord Shiva. Devotees trek to the peak during the main pilgrimage season of July and August.Shrikhand Mahadev is actually a pilgrimage place for Hindus. Shrikhand Mahadev is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva. So it is a place of great attraction for the religious people as well as for climbers -Shrikhand Mahadev Peak Tour. A few glaciers also have to be crossed before reaching the majestic peak of Shrikhand, where pilgrims perform puja. The view from 5155 meters is simply splendid — one literally feels on the top of the world. The surrounding snow-covered peaks and mountains add to the grandeur. One cannot stay on the top for a long time as the winds there are very strong and bone-chilling. ShriKhand Kailash is situated at 16900 feet above sea level. It is usually undertaken to coincide with the Ashada Poornima or, full moon day of June to July) as per the Vikrami calendar. It can be accessed from Bathad, Gushani, Jeori and Jaon. The easiest and most travel starts from Jaon Village of Kullu district which is 167 Km. from Shimla and can be reached by Car, bus or bikes. Jaon is the starting point of this trek, where temple of goddess Shakti is situated. It is a 70-km two-way track passing through dense forests, water streams, sprawling meadows and lofty mountains. The climb is difficult and offers a panoramic view. 2 Km. from Jaon there is village called Singh gad, which was named after a brave man who dared to live their and established a village. Singh gad is the last habitat of civilization on this route. Anna Adventuress & Tours are organising this pilgrimage trek each and every year.

The trek is quite tough and facilities are very rare. Only Medically and physically fit candidate will be allowed for trek. Basic Instructor cum Guide will check the physical fitness level of the trekkers on Day-03 – Acclimatisation Day at Jaon. Back packing to home of any candidates should be accepted for the safety and security of groups and personal. In case of back packing nothing will be refunded to the candidates. The decision of basic instructor will be acceptable to all participants.

10 Days Tour

DAY 1:

Reception at Shimla

DAY 2:

Shimla – Saharan – Jaon (210 Km by Taxi)

DAY 3:

Acclimatisation Day at Jaon

DAY 4:

Jaon – 13 Meel ( 9Km Trek )

DAY 5:

13 Meel – Bheem Talai ( 09Km Trek )

DAY 6:

Bheem talai – Parvati Bagh ( 08Km Trek )

DAY 7:

Parvati Bagh – Shrikhand Mahadev – Bhim Dawari (12 km Trek )

DAY 8:

Bhaim Dawari – Thachdu ( 12 Km by Trek)

DAY 9:

Thachdu – Jaon (14 Km trek)

DAY 10:

Thachdu – Jaon (14 Km trek)

DAY 11:

Jaon to Shimla (Departure after reaching Shimla)