Located in the mountainous region of northwestern Nepal, Simikot is the administrative headquarters of Humla District of Karnali Zone. Access to Simikot from developed parts of Nepal is nearly impossible through land. So, the locals and visitors are solely dependent on Simikot Airport which is relatively short with 549 meters of runway at nearly 3,000 meters elevation. Such short runway only allows airbus with low capacity and with minimum number of passengers.

Roads to Simikot from the south have only reached Jumla 86 kilometers to the southeast. But a rough road has been built from the Tibet Autonomous Region border crossing at Hilsa distanced for about 51 kilometers.

From Simikot you can catch a glimpse toward the upper parts of Humla Karnali valley and the first pass toward Limi. If the skies are clear you will also see some of the ridges toward Saipal Himal and lesser peaks spurring out from it, and several high peaks toward the northeast as well. On the opposite side of the Karnali River you will see several fascinating villages below and up the valley.