Taklakot is also known as Burang, Zhang-zhung and Purang in local languages. But peoples of Nepal and India called it Taklakot that is means horse head.

Taklakot is the beautiful place and is a home three major source of rivers. One of the sources if of Karnali river’ peacock that flows through the glaciers on the northern slopes of the Himalayas. It is also the home of the Lion Mouth of Indus river which is located 20 kilometers east of Mount Kailash. And lastly the elephant Mouth source of the Sutlej river that forms two major lakes Mansarovar and Rakshastal.

Taklakot is the gateway town for travel to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar to the north. These are important destinations for Bon, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and even New Age pilgrims. Traditional cosmology designates Mount Kailash the center of the universe. Great religious merit is attributed to parikrama around the mountain, and to bathing in Lake Manasarovar.