Horchu village is situated on the east shore of lake Mansarovar (14500 ft) and 144 Kms from saga.

Horchu is a small village. crossing the wide open grasslands of Paryang and a high pass known as Maryum pass on the Kathmandu route to Mt Kailash, one reaches to Horchu nomadic village.

Horchu is located 211.7 KM away from the nearest bus stop Budkholi Bus-stand.

Horchu has got the Highway 219 at the top. The new and largely uninhabited Chinese main street is just below it, and the real Tibetan village is at the bottom. There are no proper roads connecting the three parts. however, it has got some good basic facilities for food and shopping.

The majestic view of the mt Kailash and Mansarovar can be captured for this place.

In fact, the first glimpses of the both the holy abodes are received at a time from this place only for the first time on the entire route of Parikrama.

Thus the spot is quite significant due to its geographic situation.