How Would You Like to Do Kailash Yatra?

Mount Kailash is the sacred place for Hindus. More than ten thousand pilgrims visit this sacred place for achieving internal peace and satisfaction in life. The journey towards Mount Kailash includes major skills of trekking as it is the peregrinate journey through rough terrains and under hazardous circumstances. The pilgrims can begin their tour by reaching New Delhi. At New Delhi, the pilgrims are allotted free accommodations and meals by the Indian Government. You are having two options for reaching the Mansarovar Lake one is by pedestrian trekking another is by helicopter. Here, we are describing both the ways for reaching Mansarovar Lake that helps you to select the correct option.

Kailash Yatra by Itinerancy

Itinerancy Kailash Yatra begins from New Delhi to Lipu lekh pass. From Lipu Lekh you can take the professional services of the guide and serpas available to help the pilgrims. You can even hire yaks for carrying luggage and important cooking things. After 3-4 day’s journey, you can reach the Holy Mansarovar Lake which is also considered as the base camp of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. You can take one night stay at Mansarovar Lake. Diving deep in the Mansarovar Lake can help you purify all your life time sins. Then you can continue your circumambulate journey around the Mount Kailash by visiting 4 different camps including Diraphuk, Zhulthulphuk, Darchen and Hilsa. As this pedestal journey involves various hazards and trekking through extreme terrains it is not recommended for senior citizens or for those people who are not physically fit.

Kailash Yatra by Helicopter

You can reach Kathmandu through any major stations of North India. After Kathmandu you can fly to Nepalgunj via helicopter and can rest there in a luxurious 5 star hotel. Next morning, you will fly to Simikot then to Hilsa and to Purang. After reaching Purang you will be escorted a lodge to take rest and to enjoy the sceneries and surroundings. Next day, you will continue your journey towards Lake Mansarovar through roadways in a Japanese Cruiser. You can stay in a Tibetian Dharmsala near Lake Mansarovar. Next day, you need to continue the holy Kailash Parikrama around the mount Kailash by visiting the four main camps located at Diraphuk, Zhulthulphuk, Darchen and Hilsa. After Hilsa you need to reach Mansarovar Lake and then to Purang via roadway trip. And from Purang you will be picked up by the speedy helicopter direct towards Kathmandu. In this way, you can complete the Kailash yatra by helicopter in just ten days. Anyone who can afford the expense of helicopter can take the benefits of flying high through the skies of different region to reach the Holy Mansarovar Lake.