Mount Kailash – Centre of Earth and Many Spiritual Mysteries

If you name Mount Kailash as the Gem of Nature, you will be belittling its importance. This symmetrical peak stands majestically at the height of 21778 feet in the southwest corner of Tibet. Its azure sky reflects through the water of Mansarovar and Rakshastal lakes. These water-bodies are gracing the feet of this diamond-shaped mountain. The Hindus regard the peak of this mountain as the Lingam of Lord Shiva and the Mansarovar Lake to be the yoni of God’s love. The holy trinity of Mount Kailash, Mansarovar Lake and Rakshastal forms the epicenter of religious believes for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bons.

Resting Place for Lord Shiva

This significance of this peak is immeasurable in Hinduism. In all Hindu Mythologies, this place is regarded as the home of Lord Shiva, the transformer of universal cosmic functions.

This mountain is believed to have four faces as per Hindu Puranas. Each face symbolizes one particular gem – ruby, gold, crystal and lapis lazuli. You will find this mountain to be resting in the center of six different mountain ranges. This arrangement forms the symbol of lotus. This lotus is representative of purity and divine beauty in Hinduism.

Fortress of Buddha Shakyamuni

The Buddha Shakyamuni is the deity with four faces and twelve hands. She is also known as Chakrasamvara, the deity of supreme bliss. The tantric practitioners of Buddhism regard Mount Kailash as the fortress of this deity. This peak is also their symbol of pride. The Tantric Buddhism is believed to have conquered indigenous Bon religion in this place.

Legends say that champions of these two faiths, Milarepa and Naro-Bon-Chung, raced to this peak to prove the superiority of their respective faiths. Milarepa won through his acquired meditational powers and established Tantric Buddhism in this place.

Pearls of Spiritual Knowledge

The devotees of Bon religion regard this mountain as the Nine-Story Swastika. They regard this entire mystical region to be the Seat of Spiritual Power.

Thonpa Shenrab Miwo is regarded as the founder of Bon religion. According to Bon mythology, he descended from heaven on this peak and scattered his pearls of spiritual knowledge. Nine orders of Bon schools were established near this peak. The Bons believe that Thonpa Shenrab Miwo made prediction of this establishment.

Rishabhadeva’s Enlightenment

In Jainism, Rishabhadeva is regarded as the first of its 24 tirthankaras. Jains believe that Rishabhadeva attained liberation from Cycle of Karma on Kailash Parvat. This mountain is regarded sacred in Jainism due to this reason. Sadhguru has described the experience of this Jain savior.

Rishabhadeva is believed to have come here to attain knowledge. He was intending to preach this wisdom. His decision seemed to have changed after his arrival. He was bemused by the greatness of this mountain, and decided to merge with this sacred elevation.

These legends show that Kailash Mountain has tied four different religions on the single string of spiritualism. On Kailash Manasarovar Yatra, thousands of people visit this mountain either to attain spiritual enlightening or to avail peace. The magical 108 trips round the peak are believed to wash the sins of mortal souls away. The Hindus and Buddhists circulate this mountain clockwise. Jains and Bons circulate this mountain anti-clockwise.

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