OM Parvat

The significance of OM is not only limited to one religion. It may be a spiritual icon for Hindus. It is the sacred mantra of Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism along with Hinduism. This spiritual symbol represents the inner soul (Atman) and entirety of universe with ultimate divine knowledge (Brahma). This symbol is also considered the source of positive energy. It resonates at the rate of 7.83 Hz that is the vibration rate of Mother Earth.

Location and Altitude

You will find this sacred icon on OM Parvat. This Parvat is a part of mighty Himalayan mountain range in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The back of this mountain can be viewed from Darchula district of Western Nepal. This spiritual symbol is resting at an altitude of 6,191 meters.


The OM Parvat truly represents the unification of Shiva and Shakti. People regard this mysterious creation of Mother Nature to be the blessing of divine power. It seems, as if the God is watching over you from beyond.

Touring Time

People from all over the world come to visit this revered pilgrimage. This particular pattern of snow deposition creating ‘OM’ can be visualized from March to October. The ideal months to visit this mountain range are August and September. The dot-on-semi-circle symbol of ‘OM’ is also visible within this period. This will undoubtedly be a magical experience.

Additional Attractions

Many tourists mistake the OM Parvat for Adi Kailash Mountain that is located nearby. The latter is located in Kutti valley. The Jonglingkong Lake is another tourist attraction near this enigmatic mountain peak. The Hindus regard this lake to be as sacred as Mansarovar Lake. The sacred Parvati Lake is also located near-by. The Parvati Muhar Mountain and pass is located opposite this peak.

Important Information

The OM Parvat is resting on Indo-Nepalese border facing India. The Governments of India and Nepal fight constantly over the borderline extending along this mountain range. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police currently guard this area.

Reaching Spiritual Peak

If you are trekking to Adi Kailash, a slight diversion and small trek will take you to Om Parvat. This mountain range is located near Nepal’s Nabhi Dhang camp. You may view it from the last camp below Lipulekh Pass at Nabhidhang border-post on your Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra.


You may choose to stay at guesthouse of Public Works Department if you are staying on the Indian side. You will also find two-star and three-star hotels of economic budgets at Pithoragarh.